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Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt is a partial depth repair product that can be used on HMA or concrete. Mastic Asphalt is made with modified asphalt binders and aggregate in a pre-mixed, single package.
Mastic bonds very well to pavement and remains flexible after installation, allowing for movement in the pavement. We have patches still in service after 5-6 years, and some much older than that.








Mastic Uses

Because it bonds so well, we started out using Mastic on bridge deck repairs and then began using it on roadways as well. Mastic Asphalt can be used on wide pavement cracks, spalls, potholes, and joints that have widened too much for other hot applied sealing products.

Mastic Repair

Please check out the video below on the repair process. The video was shot on 1-69 in lona County approximately 10 years ago. We have made some improvements in our procedures since then, but we are still proud of the work and like sharing it. One of the biggest changes in Mastic installation these days is more of the blow & go method of prepping repair areas. Instead of milling out repairs, the stressed pavement is cleaned with compressed air to remove loose material prior to applying Mastic.

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If your municipality (or qualifying business) would like a free demonstration of Mastic Asphalt, give us a call and we will repair a smaII joint or pothole so you can see how Mastic can work for you. 

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